Who We Serve

We attract clients who are:clients-head

  • Consciously independent
  • Self employed
  • Retired individuals and couples


Those who are Consciously Independent have:

  • The need for a more sophisticated approach to financial planning.
  • The ability to utilize leading technologies to assist in investing and monitoring of one’s portfolios and financial progress.
  • A critical need to have a financial planner completely independent, free to choose the financial investments that best suit you and not just a firm’s offerings.

Those who are Self Employed have:

  • Cash management issues resulting from irregular income.
  • Tax planning challenges due to multiple streams of income and lack of tax withholding.
  • A critical need to self insure for events typically covered by employer provided benefit plans.

Those who are Retired must:

  • Evaluate alternative strategies regarding Social Security and other government and private benefit programs.
  • Coordinate tax efficient distributions from their limited retirement funds.
  • Manage their two largest expenses — healthcare and taxes.


Can you further identify with any of the following financial stresses in your life?

  • Concerned about your state of emotional and financial preparedness to retire in the near future.
  • Loosing sleep due to violent swings in the financial markets.
  • Fearing that you may outlive your retirement nest egg.
  • As domestic partners, are you experiencing gaps in benefits traditionally made available to those who are married.
  • Confused by the multiple employee benefit options available to couples.
  • Worried about who might be able to take care of you when you cannot.
  • Watching your assets erode from inflation, taxation and lack of care.
  • Maximizing benefits from government programs such as the California State Teachers Retirement System, Social Security and Medicare.
  • Anticipating a windfall and need reassurance on how to best manage it.
  • Unsure of which retirement account to contribute funds to or withdraw funds from to minimize taxes and maximize asset life.
  • Struggling with eldercare, long-term care, and legacy planning issues.

If you are:

  • Passionate about your financial independence.
  • Serious and motivated about taking action.
  • A believer in long-term professional relationships.